Diary 2021

Plans for 2021
* Make an new amazing lightshow
* The two large fir threes will get a facelift
* More news might be added

With everything mostly done for the lightup on Sunday
we can do a throwback til what happend five years ago.
I was in the Swedish version of The Great Christmas
Light Fight. Its still available on Dplay.se
That year I had to start early in September installing
the lights. In the middle of October the lightshow
was recording with many of you as spectators.
The tv hosts Johnny and Mattias was there all night
entertaining the audince.
In the beginning of December the first episode aired and
it was revealed that I where the winner of the first
episode, which I had to keep as a secret til then.
For the prize I won I decided to fullfil a dream to
go to Disneyland Paris and came back with lots of
inspiration. The year after I built the Disney castle
and more inspired decorations came the years after.
Now a few years later I have been to Disneyland four
times. And for you that not have been there I really
want to share the Disney magic with you through
my lightshow.
Now I just have to finish the last bits before
everything light up on Sunday at 16:00.

When the work outside with the lights is almost
finished it still remains some work inside in
front of the computer to finish this years lightshow.
First the music loop has been cut and edited.
Some songs are replaced with new songs and to make
new things happen all the time in the show the songs
are edited so only the best parts are included.
Then I get to be creative with the lights to make
them dance to the music.
There are 73 different objects that I can control
in the show. To create 1 min of lightshow takes
several hours, so now I must continue
to be sure to have it ready in time.

Most of the lights are now in place.
What remains is a few figures and signs.
During this weekend I put out the minitrees
and christmas presents with RGB lights.
Also the Mickey Mouse silouettes have now
been installed. These have RGB lights as well,
which means that I can control each light
to any color I want.
Other than that also Olaf and the other
decorations next to the pond have been installed.
I also managed to install the control boxes
and test all lights connected to them.

This weekend it was time to put up the Disney
castle. It is built like a coulisse and it's
divided in 5 sections. When its built together it
is 5 meters high. Its decorated with 3250 lights
which is connected to 5 control boxes that
control each and every individual light bulb.
It will be the fifth year which the castle
is included in the show.
Other than the castle I also installed the
santa sleigh and lights in the remaining trees.
Now only 2000 lights remain to be installed and
then some wiring and testing.

Now has 23805 lights been installed.
During Saturday was the fountain of light
installed. One strand is missing. It was broken
and need to be replaced.
Then I installed lights in most of the hedges around
the garden. Also the candles on top of the
garage roof came in position.
During Sunday I put up all the white artificial
trees. These have, as many other decorations,
one white, one red and one blue strand, so during
the show I can shift between these colors.

During this weekend all megatrees was built up
out in the garden.
In total 20450 lights is now in position.
The weather have been sunny this weekend, but some
wind on Saturday. You can feel that the winter
is coming, because its getting colder.
The biggest megatree is 5 meters high and has over
3000 lights.
First it is 1800 red, blue and white lights installed
vertically. Outside of these I wind 1000 yellow lights
divided on 10 strands in a spiral. I can control each
of these strands so I can create spiraleffects.
Then of course there is strobe lights and a star on top.

This year I decided to renew the lighting in the
two large fir trees. They have grown a lot and
are now almost 20 meters high and the lights
only covers half of the trees.
It was 11 years ago since I reached the top.
I have been thinking about how I can again get the
lights all the way to the top.
But in the end I ended up climbing up as far as I could
and attached lines there, so I now can hoist up the
I also replaced most of the lights for new 15 meter long
strands. What color they have you will notice when
we light up the lightshow.
Each tree now has 1220 lights.
Two new control boxes had to be built for the new lights.
Other then this I also installed the arches and minitrees.
The arches is one of the decorations that have been
the same for longest time, since 2008.
I dont think I ever had to replace any led strand on them.

Another weekend with decorating with lights.
Now is all lights installed on house, conservatory,
garage and shed, so now the work continues out in the
garden. Some of the trees got their lights.
Next weekend its time for the large fir threes, which
will get new lights for this year.

The work with installing this years lightshow have begun.
During last weekend a little more than 6000 light was
installed on the house.
As usual I start with climbing the roof of the house
and lining it with lights.
I also carry up the three big homemade stars on the roof.
Iciclelight is hoisted up along the roof edges and along
the front of the house.