Diary 2020

Plans for 2020
* Make an new amazing lightshow
* Decorate the newly built conservatory
* More news might be added

During the last weekend of the work the last few
lights was installed. The small minitrees in the middle
came into place and got new tinsel for this year.
The Mickey garlands, which was new last year, has
been put up this year as well. The are built up
by garland and wreaths in different sizes which makes
the silouette of Walt Disneys Mickey Mouse.
Also the packages, snowman Olaf and a few other
things came into place. In the end all lightstrings
were tested again, so now only some small fixes
remains like signs and some small figurines.

Now is the Disneyland castle in place.
5 meters high and decorated with 3250 light that
is controlled with 5 controlboxes.
The castle will light up for the fourth year now.
It is constructed as a large coulisse and is built
up in several parts that makes it easy to put up
and store. Other than the castle itself there is
also lights wrapped around rebars that
makes the firework effects. There is also a 12
meters long arch with lights going above the castle.
During the weekend also the santa sleigh was
installed as well as lights in the rest of the trees.
Now it only remain around 2000 lights to
install next weekend.

During the past weekend have more lights been installed.
All megatrees, in different sizes, have been put up.
The larges is 5 meters high and has 3029 lights.
It has a pole in the middle hold up with wires and
a star on top. Then a lot of lights goes up and down
all the way round the tree.
After that 10 other strands is wired around the tree
in a spiral down. It gives the megatree more of a
christmas tree shape. Also a strand with strobe lights
comes on top of everything.
Every strand can be controlled by the computer.
Other than this tree I also build another five
megatrees in different sizes in the yard.

We are now halfway done in the work to install
all the lights. 16796 lights are in position.
During the weekend the fontain was installed. It has
lots of chasing lights which makes it look like water
spraying up and twinkling on the water.
The white artificial trees and the candles have
been put up. The candles has 50 RGB lights each and
with a computer I can control them so it looks like
a burning flame and also the color of the candle itself.
We have also got lights in all hedges around the yard.

Another weekend has passed and another 4000 lights
have come into place. For example have all lights
come into place in the two large spruces.
In these two trees I install yellow and white string
vertically and horisontaly, sweeping strings with
multi colored lights.
I also install strobe effect led-lights which creates
a sparkling effect, as seen on the Eiffel tower.
Also the arches have come into place. With these
I can create effects that makes the light
jump along the wall.

The second weekend with decorating is over and almost
10000 lights are now installed.
The outside of the new conservatory has now been decorated.
The outlines has got the same colors as the rest of the
house plus snowing icicles. A lighted garland is outlining
the entrance. Also there is multi colored led string on the
bottom edge of the conservatory.
Also the garage and the sheed have got their usual lights.
Now the work continues out in the yard.

The work has now started to build this years lightshow.
During this weekend I installed almost 6000 lights.
As usual I always start to decorate the house
fasade and roof.