Diary 2019

Plans for 2019
* Make an new amazing lightshow
* New decoration with RGB-lights, based on idea from Disneyland
* Some decorations will get a facelift
* More news might be added

After 90 hours of work are now all light
in place and today all were tested with
the computer. Everything works as it should.
This year we have snow already on the premiere.
Tomorrow at 4:00 PM we light up the lightshow!

The last few lights have now come
into place. The presents and the mini
trees with RGB-lights is in position,
as well as Olaf from Frost and the other
lights by the pond.
This years news have been installed!
They are garlands and wreaths with 200
RGB and 142 warm white lights, on each
side of the house. The wreaths
form the silouette of Mickey Mouse.

During this weekend I had took time off
from the decorating for christmas.
I have spent the weekend in Disneyland Paris.
Now I am ready to finalize the christmas lights
and make sure it can be light up on December 1st.

A real effort was done this weekend and
over 7000 lights was installed.
The Disneyland castle was installed with its
3250 lights. It takes a full day to install it
and every lightstring is wired to one of the
five control boxes which is installed
to the backside of the castle.
Also the three appletrees have got their
lightstrings, 900 lights per tree.
Also the santa sleigh is in position.
In the end I also got time to install the main
control box, which everything is controled from.

During the past weekend 6700 lights where
installed. All megatrees where put up out
in the yard. The largest is almost 17 feet
and has 3009 lights.
The second mega tree is a bit smaller and has
2130 lights. It got a new, really nice,
glittering star last year.
Then there is three 6 feet trees with
450 lights on each tree.
The darkness comes earlier now in November
I couldn't get picture of all of them in place.

17000 lights is installed and we are
passed half the amount of lights to be
During this weekend the fountain made of
lights, the lights in the hedges and
all the white artificial trees was installed.
Also the christmas candles on the roof.

Third weekend have passed and another 3600
lights have come into place. 41% done.
The two large spruces have got their 2000
lights, which takes a full day to get into place.
Also the arches with the newly refreshed
minitrees under is in place and wired in.

The installation continues and the second
weekend of decorating has passed.
10000 lights in position.
We continue to install lights on house and garage.
For this year I have changed most of the garlands
for new, fresh ones, because the old ones was now
worn and missed alot of branches. New ones look great!
The work now continues out in the garden.

The time is here again to start working
with installing the christmaslights for
this years lightshow. 6037 lights was
installed during the weekend.
As usual I start with hanging
lights on the roof.
We have rebuilt the entrance with new door
and roof, so the lights have to be adjusted
to it. Its always good to use more lights.

The preparations for this years lightshow is on.
New minitrees have been built, because the old
ones were worn and weak. Tomatocages for the win!
New controlboxes for this years news have been built.